Christ Church Frederica
Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

About Us and Our Volunteers

2017 Tour of Homes Committees
The Annual Tour of Homes is a major Christ Church event where hundreds of members participate by donating their time and energy to raise funds for area charities. Listed below are the Tour Committee Chairs who organize the many volunteers.



House Selection: Ann Harrell
Parking: Te Turner
Transportation:  Fred Griffiths, Henry Ansley
Private buses: Avery Brooks
Bus Docents: Beth Smith
Printing: Beth Smith
House Chair: Sandy Rice
Webmaster & online ticket sales: Jim Bruce
Treasurer: Bonney Shuman & Beryl Blatchford
Ticket Sales: Bonney Shuman, Ed & Lynn Turner
Signage: Jim Watson, Mark Davis
Parish House hospitality:  Catherine & Steve Holt
Celebration Party: Dianne Abernethy, Jane Watson
Sketches: Klara Faulk
Brochure Writing: Jane Watson
Proofreading: Christine Franklin
Publicity, Marketing: Paige Peck, Susie Hodges
Social Media:
Flowers: Annabelle (PH)
Poster  Distribution: Billie Huggins
Grant Requests: Ethel Horton
ECW President: Jane Watson


Jane Watson Beth Smith Avery Brooks
Christ Church ECW President Chair:  Bus Docents Chair: Private Buses
Ann Harrell Te Turner Jim Bruce
Chair: House Selection Chair: Parking Chair: Webmaster &  Web Ticket Sales
Ed and Lynn Turner  
Chairs: Local Ticket Sales