Christ Church Frederica
Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

Tour of Homes Instructions and Map

The Tour is available from 10 AM until 5 PM.





As you enter St. Simons Island from the causeway stay in the left traffic lane and then at the traffic light go straight onto Sea Island Road.  Turn left at the first street (a hundred yards) onto Hamilton Road. Go straight until you get to a stop sign and turn left heading toward an open wooded area and park. Follow signs along the way. There will be volunteer parking assistants to help guide you to a parking area and handicapped parking spaces are available.  After you have parked please board one of the shuttle buses that will take you over to Sea Island. Once on Sea Island the shuttle bus will take you to each tour home. When you have seen these homes, a shuttle bus will take you back to Gascoigne where you can get your car. ALL SHUTTLE BUSES COMING AND GOING FROM GASCOIGNE ONLY GO TO SEA ISLAND AND BACK TO GASCOIGNE, ON A CONTINUOUS LOOP ALL DAY.   

The colored wrist band provided in this brochure is your ticket to the Tour of Homes. You must wear it to enter each Tour Stop. The color (see below) determines when you may board a bus for Sea Island.

Orange – 10:00 a.m.
Blue – 12:00         
White – 1:30 p.m.

The last shuttle bus departure for Sea Island leaves Gascoigne Bluff at 3:00 p.m. to allow adequate time to tour these beautiful homes. We recommend that you allow a minimum of two hours to tour the Sea Island homes.

Important Tour Tips

Please wear flat, comfortable walking shoes. High heeled shoes, cameras, large shopping bags and drinks will not be permitted in the homes. There is a short walk between each shuttle bus stop or parking area and the tour stop. Most tour stops require going up/down stairs.

Plan to visit our Tour Headquarters at the Christ Church, Frederica for a brief respite. There are refreshments and restroom facilities in the Parish House.

You may choose to take your lunch break anywhere on St. Simons and don’t forget the Parish House for bathroom breaks and fabulous homemade refreshments. The Parish House is FREE and Open ALL DAY.

Restroom facilities are also available at Gascoigne Bluff. There are NO restroom facilities available to you on Sea Island.

Additional tickets may be purchased at Gascoigne Bluff and at the Christ Church, Frederica Parish House. Christ Church Cookbooks make a wonderful souvenir of the tour. They will be available for purchase at the Christ Church, Frederica Parish House. All proceeds will be donated to local charities. Sign our guest book at the Parish House or Gascoigne Bluff and enter to win two tickets to next year's Tour of Homes and Gardens!

Locator Maps

Christ Church and the the Shuttle Bus start point at Gascoigne Bluff are marked on the map below.  To find the Shuttle Bus start point come to St. Simons on the Torras Causeway stay in the left lane and go straight at the traffic light. Turn left at Hamilton Road which is only a a hundred yards beyond the traffic light. Follow this road to the Gascoigne Bluff Hospitality Parking lot and Shuttle Bus start point. There will be Tour Marker signs at these turns.

To reach Christ Church don't turn at Hamilton Road but continue on Sea Island Road to the second traffic light and turn left. Follow Frederica Road to Christ Church. After about 2.5 miles you will enter a traffic circle and will need to take the 2nd exit to continue on Frederica Road.

If coming from another city, take I-95, US 17 or US 341 to Brunswick, Ga., and then travel over the Torras Causeway to St. Simons Island.

Below is a general map of St. Simons and Sea Island showing the Tour of Homes administrative locations at Christ Church and Gascoigne Bluff.